IBM (NYSE:IBM) announced it has signed an agreement to acquire PureEdge Solutions Inc. Financial terms were not disclosed. PureEdge is a developer of electronic forms (or e-forms), which help companies customize the employee interface to business applications and enables the capture, process, and display of business data. IBM will integrate PureEdge e-forms into its portfolio of collaboration technology, including IBM Workplace and Lotus offerings. PureEdge technology takes back-end corporate data and applications – such as inventory figures, customer data or pricing information – and presents it to end-users in a standardized, customizable template. PureEdge e-forms are based on XML. Full XML compliance is one of the reasons why PureEdge is one of the leading providers of e-forms and business process automation solutions. PureEdge has been an active supporter of the industry standard for electronic form documents called XForms to allow interoperability without limiting the choice in software, operating system or computing platform. PureEdge will add strategic value to IBM’s broader portfolio of On Demand software solutions through tight alignment with IBM Workplace, IBM’s WebSphere and IBM Content Manager offerings.