Oracle announced the general availability of Oracle Database 10g Release 2. The new release adds improvements in performance, availability, manageability and security, and increased grid computing capabilities. (Real Application Clusters) RAC scalability is improved to support up to 100 servers in a RAC cluster. Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control is improved to simplify monitoring of the cluster interconnect and topology. The new release also features an API for Oracle Clusterware to enable higher application availability. Enhanced Oracle Automatic Storage Management capabilities allow for easier sharing of storage resources in a grid environment. Transparent Data Encryption enables customers to encrypt critical database data on disk. Oracle Database 10g Release 2 offers support for the W3C XML Query standard, XQuery, for access to XML data. All editions (Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition and Standard Edition One) of Oracle Database 10g Release 2 are generally available on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0, and is scheduled to become available on all supported Linux, UNIX and Windows platforms over the next 30-90 days.