Mondosoft announced the immediate availability of MondoSearch 5.2 targeting small and medium size web projects with up to 100,000 pages, providing improved performance and faster ranking results. Mondosoft Enterprise Edition, designed to benefit web sites with more than 100,000 pages, was released in March 2005. Increased indexing speed and much lower load on the indexed server makes it easy to update web sites and enhance search performance. Key to the improved speed and performance of MondoSearch 5.2 is multi-threaded connection pooling. MondoSearch 5.2 includes three .NET search templates. Each template represents a style and design that is can be tailored to fit any functionality and design specification. Mondosoft’s .NET Search templates make search integration in .NET environments more efficient. MondoSearch 5.2 has a Web Services interface that allows new users to search across content, applications and geographical distance. In addition, MQL (Mondosoft Query Language),.NET capabilities and the Search control from the Search Kit, have been integrated to the way MondoSearch works with .NET.