Endeca and Oculus Info Inc. announced a new technology partnership to bolster Endeca’s search, navigation and analysis products with Oculus’ information visualization capabilities. Starting with Endeca Latitude, Endeca’s new information access and analysis solution, Oculus will provide information visualization to help users analyze and drill into customer, market, sales and other aggregate and transactional data. The combination exposes details and “the big picture” in a single, comprehensible view. As a result, anomalies and patterns in data can be shown that provide insight not possible with tables, dials and dashboards. The combined offering from Endeca and Oculus lets users move through an analysis fluidly, with context. Oculus’ visualization capabilities allow large amounts of complex information to be conveyed in an intuitive, easy to understand, easy to use manner. Rather than getting lost in successive levels of drill-down, visualization helps reveal areas of sparse data and dense data, thereby assisting users find pertinent information. http://www.oculusinfo.com, http://www.endeca.com