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Day: July 10, 2005

PicoSearch Launches New Hosted Search Service

PicoSearch introduced a new service plan for large scale Internet retail and enterprise web sites. The new Platinum service plan is designed to support web sites from tens of thousands to millions of pages with greater control over searchable content. The Platinum plan also offers optional categorization and taxonomy management features that equip large scale web sites with a navigation tool for directing site visitors to the most relevant information. PicoSearch handles all the back-end work necessary to host and maintain a site search system. Its technology is capable of processing searches of unlimited page volumes. The new PicoSearch Platinum service plan gives customers the option of adding unique categorization and taxonomy features. This search functionality allows customers to define a set of topics that allow site visitors to drill deeper into online content to find exactly what they are looking for within specific pre-set categories. The PicoSearch Platinum service plan also offers the option of utilizing XML to deliver search result feeds rather than HTML to allow customers to control the manner in which results are presented and tailor the search result page to suit their needs. The PicoSearch Platinum Service Plan is available today starting at under $10,000 per year.

Endeca to Add Oculus Visualization to Endeca Latitude

Endeca and Oculus Info Inc. announced a new technology partnership to bolster Endeca’s search, navigation and analysis products with Oculus’ information visualization capabilities. Starting with Endeca Latitude, Endeca’s new information access and analysis solution, Oculus will provide information visualization to help users analyze and drill into customer, market, sales and other aggregate and transactional data. The combination exposes details and “the big picture” in a single, comprehensible view. As a result, anomalies and patterns in data can be shown that provide insight not possible with tables, dials and dashboards. The combined offering from Endeca and Oculus lets users move through an analysis fluidly, with context. Oculus’ visualization capabilities allow large amounts of complex information to be conveyed in an intuitive, easy to understand, easy to use manner. Rather than getting lost in successive levels of drill-down, visualization helps reveal areas of sparse data and dense data, thereby assisting users find pertinent information.,

Ocelluz Launches with a New Enterprise Search Product

Ocelluz AS, a new company with technology for the search market, has publicly
launched with a number of new customers. Founded in 1999, Ocelluz is a privately owned Norwegian company that has been developing its technology in ‘stealth mode’ until today. The company’s technology allows any Enterprise to search for
‘hidden data’ locked inside any SQL (Structured Query Language) database, using a point-and-click interface. Using the Ocelluz technology, it is now possible to search across multiple SQL databases using a ‘type and click’ search box in virtual real-time. Ocelluz technology is immediately available for license.

GlobalSCAPE Releases Latest Version of Enhanced File Transfer Server & New DMZ Gateway

GlobalSCAPE (OTCBB:GSCP), announced the release of Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Server 4 and DMZ Gateway 1, as part of its enterprise secure file transfer solution. EFT Server manages and secures Internet file transfers using industry standard protocols. DMZ Gateway resides in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and brokers all inbound communications between external clients and EFT server, eliminating the need for data storage or authentication in the DMZ. EFT Server 4 helps customers achieve regulatory compliance with acts such as HIPAA, U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley and Gramm-Leach Bliley security standards by providing security functionalities such as secure authentication, secure data transfers, secure storage, and advanced encryption and signing. EFT Server 4 and DMZ Gateway 1 are available today.

Vasont Content Management System Supports DITA & Custom DTDs

Vasont Systems announced that the Vasont Content Management System supports Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) as well as other custom DTDs. As a single-source content management system, Vasont enables organizations to utilize XML and store content in any language at the “chunk” level, one time, for maximum reuse and multi-channel delivery. Those existing features, among others, make it useful for organizations that use DITA. Vasont is also able to support custom DTDs for organizations that have developed their own as opposed to moving to an industry standard. Created by IBM, DITA is an open standard, XML-based architecture for authoring and publishing technical information. It helps content creators structure information into useful topic “chunks” in a consistent way. Because DITA DTDs are standard, they can be cheaper to maintain.

Oracle Announces General Availability of Oracle Database 10g Release 2

Oracle announced the general availability of Oracle Database 10g Release 2. The new release adds improvements in performance, availability, manageability and security, and increased grid computing capabilities. (Real Application Clusters) RAC scalability is improved to support up to 100 servers in a RAC cluster. Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control is improved to simplify monitoring of the cluster interconnect and topology. The new release also features an API for Oracle Clusterware to enable higher application availability. Enhanced Oracle Automatic Storage Management capabilities allow for easier sharing of storage resources in a grid environment. Transparent Data Encryption enables customers to encrypt critical database data on disk. Oracle Database 10g Release 2 offers support for the W3C XML Query standard, XQuery, for access to XML data. All editions (Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition and Standard Edition One) of Oracle Database 10g Release 2 are generally available on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0, and is scheduled to become available on all supported Linux, UNIX and Windows platforms over the next 30-90 days.

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