Thomas Technology Solutions, Inc. (ThomasTech) introduced LineDrive Directory Publisher to give directory publishers the ability to streamline content creation, page composition, and content update cycles in the production and publication of directories. With LineDrive’s content management features, directory publishers can store directory listings in one central database and reuse the information without reentry for multiple vertical-market directories. Given the wide range of professional directories available, from information on business and industry to public records, proprietary drug information, legal case results, and mailing lists, LineDrive’s all-inclusive approach to content management provides options for directory publishers. The editorial interface included in LineDrive is template-driven, with a familiar look and feel for Windows users. LineDrive also offers solutions for directory publishers to publish their content in multiple formats. The LineDrive Xpress utility is a bundled Quark Xtension that provides a template-driven solution for automated page composition. Based on user-defined page layout and business rules, LineDrive Xpress extracts and streams directory listing content and ads to Quark Xpress, generating printer-ready files. LineDrive also includes XML extraction tools to allow for simultaneous publishing in multimedia formats. Editorial teams can produce a companion Web site, CD ROM, or other collateral material to coincide with their printed directory.