Saba introduced Saba Content Management, a learning content management system (LCMS) designed for enterprise-wide content development and delivery. Built on Saba’s new services-oriented architecture, Saba Content Management helps organizations solve their most critical learning content management issues. Saba Content Management enables content development and delivery across the extended enterprise, supports multiple authoring tools, and provides deep integration into Saba Enterprise 2005, the company’s HCM platform. Saba Content Management helps organizations capture, manage and reuse content developed and stored in the many silos across an organization. Saba Content Management is architected as an enterprise-wide asset, so customers can scale their use with limited risk of system overload. Additionally, Content Contributor Interface provides unique tools to extend the content development process to any user regardless of technical abilities. Saba has adopted an approach to authoring based on integration with third-party authoring tools, enabling users to transform stand-alone authoring tools into full-fledged LCMS systems. Saba Content Management allows authors to continue using the tools they know. Saba Content Management is available today.