Mark Logic Corporation announced the general availability of MarkLogic Server 3.0, a new version of their XML content server. New features in MarkLogic Server 3.0 include the automatic conversion of Microsoft Office, PDF, and HTML documents to XML, a Web services-enabled content processing framework, and enhanced full text and XML search functionality. In addition to loading XML “as is”, MarkLogic Server 3.0 now automatically converts common document formats including Microsoft Office, PDF, and HTML into well-formed XML without the need to create a DTD or XML schema. New XML element query, improved XML proximity search, and highlighting give MarkLogic Server 3.0 a complete full text and XML search capability (including word, phrase, Boolean expression, wildcard, proximity, thesauri, spell checking, and highlighting). MarkLogic Server 3.0 enables organizations to create custom content processing pipelines (trigger-based sequences of content processing steps) comprised of native XQuery statements and Web services-enabled external applications. MarkLogic Server 3.0 offers new support for Red Hat Linux ES3 on AMD Opteron (64-bit) and Windows Server 2003 on x86 systems. MarkLogic Server also runs on Sun Solaris 8 and 9 on SPARC systems, Red Hat Linux ES3 on x86 systems and Windows 2000 on x86 systems.