ILOG (Nasdaq: ILOG) announced that EMC Documentum has selected ILOG as its preferred business rule technology provider for the EMC Documentum Business Process Management (BPM) product suite. By combining ILOG’s ILOG JRules with the EMC BPM solution for its enterprise content management (ECM) platform, business users can make policy changes within any BPM application without IT involvement. Business users can take advantage of ILOG’s BRMS to deploy and apply policy changes using EMC’s new “Documentum Process Connector for ILOG JRules.” This connector provides integration between ILOG JRules and the EMC Documentum BPM product suite. The Documentum Process Connector for ILOG JRules consists of two parts. One integrates with Business Process Manager, enabling the design of processes invoking external business rules, and the other integrates with Documentum Process Engine, enabling real time rule validation for each running instance of the process. Using ILOG’s BRMS, business policies defined by sub-processes or services can be managed or changed separately from the rest of the application.