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Day: June 5, 2005

Interwoven Partners with Brandbank to Power Hosted DAM Solution

Interwoven, Inc. (Nasdaq: IWOV), provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions for business, and Brandbank, the U.K.’s premier supplier of product images and data to the retail e-commerce community, announced a partnership in which Brandbank will provide Interwoven’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution as a hosted offering to its over 900 retail clients. As a result, Brandbank is the first European ASP for Interwoven’s DAM solution, which is powered by Interwoven MediaBin Assert Server software. By offering Interwoven’s DAM solution via an ASP model, Brandbank can provide its clients with a “try before you buy” DAM environment that combines flexibility and scalability with a low cost of entry. The Brandbank hosted DAM solution based on Interwoven technology is now available. ,

Workshare Professional 4.0 Integrates with Microsoft’s SharePoint Technologies

Workshare introduced integration between Workshare Professional 4.0 and Microsoft’s SharePoint Products and Technologies for single master tracking and enabling the secure sharing of documents inside and outside of the perimeter. Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 enable users to create, manage and build their own collaborative workspaces and make them available throughout and beyond the organization. However, this additional channel of document distribution adds to the growing risks around document security, accuracy and compliance. Workshare Professional 4’s SharePoint Integration Option can ensure users are working off the correct master document, eliminating the errors and confusion resulting from multiple “masters” residing in multiple repositories. In addition, Workshare Professional 4’s SharePoint Integration Option enables secure document exchange inside and outside of the perimeter by enforcing document security policies, removing potentially damaging confidential information and providing an always-on audit of important document processes and events. The Workshare Professional 4 SharePoint Integration Option is available immediately. For current Workshare Professional 4 users, it is US $50 per seat for a perpetual license with volume discounts.

ebrary Ships New Reader

ebrary announced that it has launched a new version of the ebrary Reader, its free software application that turns static PDF files into research-ready documents that can be cross-referenced and searched online. The ebrary Reader features more functionality to make the research experience richer and more productive including customizable bibliographical citation formats and refined InfoTools search. The new Reader also now supports both Firefox and Mozilla Web browsers in addition to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator. The ebrary Reader is a key component of the ebrary Dynamic Content Platform (DCP) which combines technology with a growing repository of more than 60,000 full-text books and other authoritative documents from more than 200 leading academic, STM, and professional publishers. The ebrary Reader enables PDF documents to be delivered to a user’s desktop one page at a time, eliminating the need for document downloads. It also gives PDF documents word level interaction through InfoTools. Simply by selecting a word or phrase then activating the InfoTools menu, a user can instantly link out to additional resources in ebrary’s repository, the library, or on the Web.

Liquid Machines Releases Enterprise Rights Management Solution for Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services

Liquid Machines, Inc. released the Liquid Machines Enterprise Rights Management solution for Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) for Windows Server 2003. Liquid Machines support for RMS provides customers an extensible ERM platform that leverages their existing Microsoft infrastructure and investments to consistently enforce enterprise-defined RMS policies on information as it travels across applications and throughout the enterprise. Liquid Machines Document Control extends RMS policy enforcement across more than 65 applications and file formats including Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and Reader, Microsoft Visio and Sharepoint. Liquid Machines Email Control enhances RMS with server-side policy enforcement capabilities that automatically apply protection based on corporate guidelines. Protection is enforced persistently throughout the e-mail lifecycle no matter where the message goes, internally or externally. Liquid Machines Document Control extends Windows RMS policies to help enforce complete access and usage controls of content including, open, read, write, save, save as, print, print screen, as the content moves between different applications. Liquid Machines Email Control enhances Windows RMS to allow enterprise administrators to define email usage and delivery rules based on user groups and roles, and message content at the server level. Liquid Machines Document Control 5.0 and Liquid Machines Email Control 6.5 are available immediately.

ThomasTech Launches LineDrive Software for Directory Publishers

Thomas Technology Solutions, Inc. (ThomasTech) introduced LineDrive Directory Publisher to give directory publishers the ability to streamline content creation, page composition, and content update cycles in the production and publication of directories. With LineDrive’s content management features, directory publishers can store directory listings in one central database and reuse the information without reentry for multiple vertical-market directories. Given the wide range of professional directories available, from information on business and industry to public records, proprietary drug information, legal case results, and mailing lists, LineDrive’s all-inclusive approach to content management provides options for directory publishers. The editorial interface included in LineDrive is template-driven, with a familiar look and feel for Windows users. LineDrive also offers solutions for directory publishers to publish their content in multiple formats. The LineDrive Xpress utility is a bundled Quark Xtension that provides a template-driven solution for automated page composition. Based on user-defined page layout and business rules, LineDrive Xpress extracts and streams directory listing content and ads to Quark Xpress, generating printer-ready files. LineDrive also includes XML extraction tools to allow for simultaneous publishing in multimedia formats. Editorial teams can produce a companion Web site, CD ROM, or other collateral material to coincide with their printed directory.

Mark Logic Introduces MarkLogic Server 3.0

Mark Logic Corporation announced the general availability of MarkLogic Server 3.0, a new version of their XML content server. New features in MarkLogic Server 3.0 include the automatic conversion of Microsoft Office, PDF, and HTML documents to XML, a Web services-enabled content processing framework, and enhanced full text and XML search functionality. In addition to loading XML “as is”, MarkLogic Server 3.0 now automatically converts common document formats including Microsoft Office, PDF, and HTML into well-formed XML without the need to create a DTD or XML schema. New XML element query, improved XML proximity search, and highlighting give MarkLogic Server 3.0 a complete full text and XML search capability (including word, phrase, Boolean expression, wildcard, proximity, thesauri, spell checking, and highlighting). MarkLogic Server 3.0 enables organizations to create custom content processing pipelines (trigger-based sequences of content processing steps) comprised of native XQuery statements and Web services-enabled external applications. MarkLogic Server 3.0 offers new support for Red Hat Linux ES3 on AMD Opteron (64-bit) and Windows Server 2003 on x86 systems. MarkLogic Server also runs on Sun Solaris 8 and 9 on SPARC systems, Red Hat Linux ES3 on x86 systems and Windows 2000 on x86 systems.

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