Tarari, Inc. announced the general availability of its fourth-generation release of the company’s XML RAX Content Processor (RAX 4). RAX 4, an in-silicon and software implementation of Random Access XML, now includes full, integrated support for the complex features of XML Schema and special SOAP message validation at 10,000 and greater validations per second. Tarari also announced Software RAX, a full RAX implementation in software that provides a software failover capability in the event of hardware failure, or that can be used on entry-level systems that need RAX acceleration. RAX 4 incorporates Tarari’s silicon “Grammar Processor”. OEMs, ISVs and corporate developers interested in evaluating the Tarari XML RAX 4 Content Processor should purchase the Tarari XML/Web Services Development Kit, which is available immediately and consists of a Tarari XML RAX 4 Content Processor on a Grand Prix series PCI-X card, Random Access XML Agents, Cryptographic Agents, the add-on PubSub module, Software RAX, and API documentation. The price for the kit is $4,995.