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The problem with Guest Blogging

The problem with extra-curricular BLOGS

The problem with extra-curricular blogs (those that are not connected to your day job), is that it’s very difficult to set aside time to write much of any interest. Well, in order to maintain any momentum on my little blog, I am inserting a TOC for future blog entries…I wonder, does predicting future structure in a blog violate the spirit of a blog or extend it?

Anyhow, here is a preview on some of the areas of confusion surrounding compliance management that are particularly irksome to me. I will try to knock-off a few of these topics every couple of weeks. If you have any comments – don’t hesitate to kibitz!

  • Compliance DOES NOT equal compliance management
  • Sarbanes-Oxley IS NOT a content management problem
  • Complete ignorance of US Sentencing Guidelines on effective compliance management MATTERS
  • …SO DOES supporting multiple regulations
  • The bridge between compliance and performance
  • The role of IT in overall corporate compliance (versus IT governance)
  • The role of Software as a Service in overall compliance

I think that’s enough for now…. see you soon!

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  1. David Locke

    I’ve found that an editorial calendar really doesn’t work with blogs. Typically, the high traffic blogs comment on other high traffic blogs. Ultimately, the first few posters in the high traffic network set the topic of the day.

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