Convera Corporation announced immediate general availability of version 8.1 of the company’s RetrievalWare search software platform. RetrievalWare 8.1 is the culmination of over three years of development efforts aimed at offering measurable improvements and enhancements to the RetrievalWare platform. The new features of RetrievalWare 8.1 are tailored for both the commercial and government market segments: RetrievalWare Knowledge Discovery and Information Retrieval capabilities available through Web Services and Java APIs to comply with .NET and J2EE as well as Service Oriented Architectures (SOA’s); Semantic Indexing, Categorization, Classification, Profiling and Alerts, Search, Entity Extraction and Folder services all utilizing a single unified index; Unified index enables the above services to be combined in any order programmatically to support a broad array of Discovery and Text mining applications; Language Detection, Encoding Detection, Conversion, and UTF-8 Ready Language Processors; 14 Language Processors, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, for Natural Language Processing; Pluggable cartridge architecture for semantic resources; Over 60 pre-supplied Domain-Specific Taxonomies and Classifications; 23 taxonomies in 9 different languages; 8 General and Cross-Lingual Semantic Cartridges; 22 Domain-Specific Semantic Cartridges; Convera Knowledge Workbench V3.0 to create, manage, tailor, benchmark and extend Taxonomys and Semantic resources; A newly architected Spider 2.0 for Intranet and Internet web content; and support for JBoss or WebLogic Application servers at the API level.