Vivisimo upgraded the Vivisimo Velocity enterprise search platform. The new version of Velocity offers comprehensive reporting capabilities, enhanced security, meta-alerts and collaboration features for better management of the information retrieval process. Vivisimo Velocity is a rapid-deployment, customizable enterprise search platform that combines dynamic clustering, search and meta-search into one solution. The platform is built on Vivisimo software and includes the company’s Clustering Engine. Velocity’s new comprehensive reporting feature is entirely customizable and enables administrators to ask and answer critical business questions. Velocity document-level security provides administrators complete control over access to individual documents or groups of documents. It allows only authorized users access to search results involving sensitive information. Velocity allows users to set up alerts from multiple sources of information from a single point of access. Users no longer need to access each source individually; instead, they can initiate and receive alerts for a topic from several sources in one combined email. Alerts can be initiated simply by clicking on a result or by adding them through user profiles. With a simple click, Velocity users can export results into Endnotes, Procite or Reference Manager, email reports in HTML or plain text format, or save reports as text, HTML or XML. Vivisimo Velocity pricing starts at $10,000 per year and scales with the number of documents to be crawled or meta-searched. The upgraded Velocity search platform will ship within 30 days.