Topologi announced the availability of the Topologi Difference Detective, a low-cost, lightweight utility for displaying changes between different versions of files, including XML data. The Difference Detective is a utility for anyone involved in document editing or XSLT transformation. The Topologi Difference Detective supports three levels of reporting. For small, dense files such as XSLT scripts or XML Schemas there is a detailed word-by-word comparison showing all additions and deletions. For larger text files up to 100K size, a line-by-line comparison is available and for large and binary files, a byte-by-byte comparison quickly detects where two files are not the same. The Topologi Difference Detective also has a directory comparison mode, to compare files with the same names in two different directories. The Difference Detective is available now from the Topologi Tool Shop, as are a number of other utilities for querying and validating collections of XML data. There are several products due for release in the near future, including tools for helping with whitespace, links and character sets.