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Ten Ideas for Corporate RSS Feeds

Just found this CEO Blogger’s Club group blog. It looks like it is managed by a PR firm, but it has some good stuff on enterprise blogging. For example, the entry on Ten Ideas for Corporate RSS Feeds.

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  1. Guillaume du Gardier

    Hi, the CEO Bloggers’ Club is not really managed by a PR firm, I am founder of the Club and my daily job is to manage my PR agency PR Planet, but the CEO Bloggers’ Club is independant of my PR agency. The club is an initiative I’ve been launching in august 2004 to create an online open ressource made by CEO sharing their use of blogs in their business life. We are more than 75 there and new members are coming every week, so I must say I am impressed and happy about the result and the development of this resource.
    Everyone is welcome to participate in ongoing discussions, but members only are authors of the blog.

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