Inxight Software, Inc. and Intellisophic, Inc. announced a joint marketing agreement to help organizations access the essential knowledge contained in their unstructured data. Through this relationship, Intellisophic’s extensive library of thousands of pre-built taxonomies is now formatted for instant compatibility with Inxight SmartDiscovery. These pre-built taxonomies are especially useful for business analytics, government intelligence, pharmaceutical, and web portal/reference applications. By leveraging both Intellisophic’s taxonomies with Inxight’s entity extraction, users can classify and cluster documents into topical folders for search, routing, and business intelligence applications without building taxonomies from scratch. Inxight SmartDiscovery leverages Intellisophic taxonomies to automatically identify key concepts, or ideas derived from specific instances, within documents. SmartDiscoverys entity extraction identifies more than 25 entity types out-of-the box, including people, companies, organizations, dates, places, addresses, currencies, etc. Intellisophic’s taxonomies span most industries, and are available for Corporate, Government and General Knowledge. Subject areas for Corporate Taxonomies include: Business; Construction; Energy; Engineering & Materials; Hospitality; Information Sciences; Law, Government & Criminal Justice; Life Sciences, Medicine & Healthcare; Manufacturing; Mathematics & Science; and Transportation, among others. Subject areas for Government Taxonomies include: Information Sciences; General Knowledge; Energy; Environment; Law, Government & Criminal Justice; Manufacturing; Social Sciences; and Terrorism and War, among others. Intellisophic’s taxonomies are available now.,