Intellext announced the ActiveContext iSuite, available with client, server, and component modules. This newest product suite from Intellext helps companies that are in the business of publishing and distributing online content increase the visibility of their information and offer their users a richer and more satisfying online experience by proactively driving content to the people who need it, at the time when they are most likely to be able to use it. Shipping at the end of June, ActiveContext iSuite will integrate with any content management or search technology used by the publisher, regardless of platform. An adaptation of Intellext’s Watson product, the ActiveContext Client from Intellext allows content providers to provide the ActiveContext Client to their users, so that all of the information available on their site is contextually-driven to users at the exact time they are most likely to need it. The ActiveContext Component allows any content provider to build their own applications that leverage user context. Developers will be able to build client-side applications ranging from simple context-search toolbars to complex context-enabled applications.