Teragram announced the general availability of Teragram TK240 for Collaborative Development version 2.0. This optional add-on software module, based on Teragram’s taxonomy management software and categorization engine, enables teams of specialists in an organization to collaboratively create, manage, and implement taxonomies in real time. TK240 for Collaborative Development uses Teragram’s categorization technology to analyze document contents and organize them into flat or hierarchical taxonomies that facilitate and accelerate the retrieval of information. At the same time, the software enables more than one developer to modify the taxonomy and categorization rules for the same project, enabling users to work simultaneously while individually accessing the specific portion of the taxonomy that is most appropriate. Multiple information workers using TK240 for Collaborative Development to organize large corporate archives, for instance, can work simultaneously on specialized portions of the master taxonomy without conflicting with or overwriting the other’s work. http://www.teragram.com