Web Crossing, Inc. announced a new Content Blob Management plug-in to make site content management more accessible to non-technical administrators. Administrators with no HTML expertise can create access-controlled “blobs” of content that drop into Theme cells within the standard Web Crossing Theme manager. The new Content Blob Management plug-in facilitates easy site content management and organization, and installs in a few clicks directly from the “Shop For Plug-ins” link on an administrator’s Control Panel. The new Content Blob Management plug-in requires no knowledge of HTML for elemental text-based content blobs. Creation is also straightforward for blobs that contain images and other elements. Once blobs are created, placing them on a page simply involves choosing the correct blob from a popup menu. Content blobs can also include Web Crossing Template Language (WCTL) scripting for dynamic content. Optional “blob boxes,” which include titles and location-specific layout elements, ensure that repositioned blobs consistently look appropriate to their location. Blobs automatically inherit into subfolders, or can be individually set to never inherit into a subfolder. Complete access control, including host access controls, balance usability and control of the blobs. Free for a limited time, additional information and the new Content Blob Management plug-in is available today. www.webcrossing.com/