Verity Inc. announced that Stellar Technologies, Inc. has integrated the Verity KeyView Filter Software Development Kit (SDK) into its new high speed attachment/document management module of the Stellar E-Mail Manager. Stellar Technologies is an provider of employee Internet management and security solutions. The Stellar E-Mail Manager is a module of its newly-released Stellar Internet GEM software suite that monitor, archive, block and provide real-time reporting for e-mail, instant messaging and Web browsing. The Stellar E-Mail Manager module monitors and blocks attachments to e-mails based on the business rules and policies of a global enterprise. The Verity KeyView Filter SDK allows the E-Mail Manager to extract text and metadata from a wide variety of documents on numerous platforms and can recognize over three hundred document types (.PDF, .DOC, .XLS, .ZIP, etc.), allowing users to effectively manage, evaluate and take action on high-value content. Stellar has plans to expand the use of the Verity KeyView Filter technology across its entire Stellar Internet GEM suite, applying its capabilities to the Stellar Instant Message Manager and Stellar Web Manager. In the future, the company expects to offer more managers, such as peer-to-peer, document library and VoIP data to extend consistent policy management to all data forms moving within, to and from an organization.