DataPower announced the availability of fully streaming XML Processing in its DataPower XA35 XML Accelerator. Streaming processing allows an XML engine to begin producing output before the entire input has been parsed and requires only a constant amount of memory, independent of XML document size. Previously, streaming processing was only possible using low-level custom programming or special-purpose languages. DataPower’s approach allows XML developers to continue using familiar XPath/XSLT standards, while seemlessly lowering latency and enabling XML documents of unlimited size to be processed. Some XML processing operations are not streamable by their very nature. For example, an XSLT transformation that reverses the order of elements in a file must necessarily buffer all of the input and wait for the last element before it can produce any output. This has also limited the development of general purpose streaming for XML processing, because of concerns that any solution would be unable to support intrinsically non-streamable operations. In a further complication, it is often difficult for a developer to determine whether a particular set of XML processing operations can be streamed, and to know how later changes may affect streamability. DataPower’s compiler technology automatically determines which operations are streamable and processes them in a fully streaming fashion. With DataPower XG4, the user is not required to learn new languages or determine which processing is streamable, and the engine allows for operations in XSLT and XPath.