Hummingbird Ltd. unveiled Hummingbird Enterprise Client for Microsoft Outlook. The new Client provides an interactive, business-based view of the entire suite of Hummingbird Enterprise functionality from within Microsoft Outlook. Building on the concepts of Hummingbird’s document management client for Microsoft Outlook, Hummingbird Enterprise Client for Microsoft Outlook allows knowledge workers to interact with all their business content, applications, and processes without having to leave the Outlook client interface. A corporate banker will work with a deal management view of business content, manage an engagement, and collaborate with colleagues on complex, linked company valuation spreadsheets by sharing content in a secure collaborative deal room. A government employee will interact with all incoming and outgoing correspondence including e-mail, fax and mail through a correspondence management view. And a senior partner of a law firm will organize and view all the pleadings and correspondence related to a client matter, and also instantly generate a report with the most up-to-date information on billable hours – all from within Outlook. At the core of the new Client is a Business Solution Framework, encompassing business logic, vertical specific taxonomies, and role-based presentation rules. Leveraging the Business Solution Framework and the supplied vertical templates, organizations will be able to tailor Hummingbird Enterprise to fit their business model. Hummingbird Enterprise Client for Microsoft Outlook will be an interface option for Hummingbird Enterprise 2005, which is expected to be generally available this summer.