EDS announced the launch of an e-mail archive service that eases compliancy woes by managing corporate e-mail assets. EDS will sell the service to new and existing clients challenged by more than 15,000 global regulations, including SEC 17a-4, HIPAA, Sarbanes- Oxley and Basel II. EDS’ managed service is based on EMC Centera; a content addressed storage (CAS) solution that provides simple, scalable, secure access to fixed content. The managed archival service is offered as an extension to EDS Managed Storage Services, or as a complement to EDS Workplace Services and EDS Enterprise Content Management services. This service will also address organizations that are self-imposing new internal standards and procedures to contain costs and improve efficiency. Retention and disposition of electronic records, such as e-mail, is increasingly more complex and corporate control over e-mail is critical to efficient operations. EDS e-mail archiving is offered as a per-mailbox per-month subscription service that includes application-aware policies supporting Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino/Notes messaging platforms. www.eds.com