Wrensoft has released Zoom Search Engine 4.0, a software package that allows enterprises to add a custom search engine to their website. There are no complicated server setup procedures. You can use Zoom to create search engines for your website, local Intranet or CD-ROM, and offline distributions. It is a self-contained solution and does not depend on any external web services, so you have control over the look and feel. There are no banners or advertisements, and with the use of HTML and CSS templates, you can customize the appearance of the search page without any scripting knowledge. Zoom can also run on a variety of server platforms (or without a server at all), and is compatible with all standard hosting packages. Zoom can index over 100,000 documents and satisfy up to 200 search requests per minute. It provides searching capabilities that include: results ranked by relevance, wildcard and exact phrase matching, “Google-like” context descriptions, results highlighting, category searching, and more. This is coupled with configurable indexing options such as: spider and offline indexing modes, stop words and skip pages, multiple domains support, word weighting options, and support for PDF, Word and Excel. The advanced features of Zoom allow you to log the searches made on your website, and analyze them with generated statistical reports, providing pie-charts on the Top 10 searches, and graphs of the number of searches per day, week, or month. Zoom Search Engine 4.0 is available for free for small websites (up to a 50 page limit), Standard Edition ($49 USD) and Professional Edition ($99 USD), which supports larger websites and more file formats. www.wrensoft.com