Mondosoft announced the availability of a Web Service Search Kit that facilitates the deployment of search through web services. The Web Service Search Kit makes it easy to create a unified search index across multiple data sources, programming languages and software applications. Because it allows for local customization of search results and search options no matter where content is stored, it is useful for departmental, branch or user-specific adjustments of search results. The Kit can be accessed by and deployed with any language that supports XML and SOAP. Two samples are included with Mondosoft’s Web Service Search Kit. The Research Service for Microsoft Office 2003 sample allows access to content sources from different places and of various types directly from a search field in MS Office applications. In addition, a Windows application sample is included to demonstrate how the Kit is used and how web services can operate in Microsoft environments. The Web Service Search Kit is available free of charge for download to Mondosoft customers and partners and easily installs on top of existing MondoSearch implementations.