CMS Watch released their semi-annual update of “The CMS Report”. The key findings of the report include: Mid-market vendors now offer comprehensive Web content management packages that are typically easier to implement than those from enterprise-tier players; A new class of mid-market “challengers” can provide XML-based solutions, often for less than US$40,000 in licensing; Major USA-based CMS vendors have seen only limited success selling Web content management tools in Europe, where national and regional suppliers have snapped up most large accounts; Although feature sets are converging across CMS vendors, underlying technical architectures continue to diverge in important ways; Different vendors also follow highly distinct user-interface models, and; There are no predominant Web content management suppliers in the marketplace, which means prospective buyers face a confusing set of alternatives – nevertheless, a little diligence can yield good choices. The 7th Edition of The CMS Report provides updated analysis and 4-10 page comparative product surveys of 31 Web content management offerings as well as short descriptions of more than 15 other packages across 7 product categories. New vendors added in this edition include IBM, SiteCore A/S, and Refresh Software. Other vendors covered include Microsoft, Documentum, Interwoven, FileNet, Vignette, Stellent, Day, OpenText, Percussion, Serena, RedDot, Ektron, Tridion, FatWire, Mediasurface, PaperThin, and Atomz. The report is available for purchase online from CMS Watch