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Hosted Solutions for Collaboration

A client of mine is looked for a hosted solution for a document collaboration project that will last several months to a year. Here are a few of the parameters and requirements as they see them:
–10-15 users
–contact storage
–document storage and versioning
–threaded messaging
–calendaring with basic project timelines
–no need to integrate with other applications
–several thousand pages of documents.
They are looking at low- to moderate-cost alternatives and already consider to be an option.
Other suggestions?



  1. Henri Bergius

    All of those features are covered pretty well with OpenPSA, an Open Source collaboration system built on top of Midgard CMS.
    Check out the demo. If it seems suitable the hosted version is about 25 EUR per month.

  2. Marc Strohlein

    I ran across Pointcross ( a while back and they have an interesting product. I can give you a contact there if you want.

  3. Seth Gottlieb

    Exigen has an offering called Service Port ) that I have used and found to be good.

  4. Daniel K. O'Leary

    Bill, I’d recommend either Sugar CRM (Opensource and free like beer) or somethign more comemrcial. I have news on a few standard solutions at my blog. Check it out .

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