SilkRoad Technology, Inc. announced the availability of Eprise Docs, a document management system fully integrated with Eprise 2004, SilkRoad’s content management system. Eprise Docs enables organizations to manage the flow of documents and information throughout the enterprise and to the Web. Eprise Docs exposes Eprise’s core library services, including check-in, check-out, version control, roll-back, meta-data management and workflow, through an extension to Windows Explorer that exposes a remote document tree along with a custom toolbar to activate functions. A full Web interface for adding, browsing, retrieving and sharing documents is available for remote access. Eprise Docs’ roles-based security system is fully integrated with Eprise 2004, enabling businesses to distribute permissions through recursive role delegation. Eprise supports its own native security and can also be integrated with user directories such as NTLM, ADS, and LDAP. Users can even use single sign on (SSO) through NTLM or third party SSO applications. Within Eprise Docs, users can apply rules for data added to folders. For example, a folder may be restricted to allow only image files. Further, when a document is dropped into a folder, events may be triggered. These events include prompting a user to enter meta-data, notifying users of the document or starting a workflow process. Eprise Docs enables both the consumption of Web services and exposes Eprise Docs functionality as callable Web services.