Endeca announced a new exclusive partnership with IBM to bring the next-generation capabilities of Endeca’s Guided Navigation to IBM DB2 Information Integrator customers. According to the terms of the deal, IBM will offer Endeca’s software to customers seeking the ability to integrate search and navigation capabilities for improved usability and access to disparate enterprise content. The integrated solution will be offered as a key, premium component to IBM’s recently unveiled DB2 Information Integrator (DB2 II) OmniFind Edition, formerly code named Masala. IBM’s DB2 Information Integrator (DB2 II) OmniFind Edition, announced in late September 2004, provides enterprise search middleware for powering intranets, extranets, and corporate public web sites. Endeca’s Guided Navigation leverages characteristics of data to categorize results and present valid refinement and exploration options in the form of navigational links. This next-generation functionality can be used to organize and refine long lists of search results or can be used as a stand-alone querying mechanism to help users find relevant content with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Endeca is an IBM Advanced Business Partner and is a preferred provider for IBM’s WebSphere Commerce Group – Endeca is the Advanced Search and Guided Navigation option for WebSphere Commerce. www.endeca.com