Ektron Inc. has added ASP.NET server controls to its content management solution, CMS400.NET. Ektron leverages of Visual Studio.NET to give developers a visual environment for integrating CMS components into Web templates including content blocks, list summaries, collections search, calendars, and forms. CMS400.NET delivers data-bindable server controls that enable developers integrate Ektron CMS components into templates. In addition to visual server controls, developers can integrate Ektron CMS functionality in other ways. Web developers can access CMS data objects, exposed through server controls in their own code-behind, so they can programmatically manage data and create customized and dynamic Web sites. Developers can also apply an XSLT to data returned by the controls, supporting flexible Web presentation options and enabling developers, system integrators and Web development firms to build custom code within templates. A developer using the Ektron CMS does not need a full copy of the CMS software and replica of the production Web site to develop templates. The Ektron CMS provides a “virtual development environment,” allowing the developer to work from a remote development station. www.ektron.com