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Day: December 12, 2004 (Page 1 of 2)

Ektron Offers Visual Development Environment for CMS Integration & Deployment

Ektron Inc. has added ASP.NET server controls to its content management solution, CMS400.NET. Ektron leverages of Visual Studio.NET to give developers a visual environment for integrating CMS components into Web templates including content blocks, list summaries, collections search, calendars, and forms. CMS400.NET delivers data-bindable server controls that enable developers integrate Ektron CMS components into templates. In addition to visual server controls, developers can integrate Ektron CMS functionality in other ways. Web developers can access CMS data objects, exposed through server controls in their own code-behind, so they can programmatically manage data and create customized and dynamic Web sites. Developers can also apply an XSLT to data returned by the controls, supporting flexible Web presentation options and enabling developers, system integrators and Web development firms to build custom code within templates. A developer using the Ektron CMS does not need a full copy of the CMS software and replica of the production Web site to develop templates. The Ektron CMS provides a “virtual development environment,” allowing the developer to work from a remote development station.

Xyleme Acquires Novizio’s Software Products

Xyleme, Inc. announced that it has acquired substantially all of the assets of Novizio, Inc., a Colorado-based software developer specializing in eLearning and Technical Documentation solutions. Novizio’s product is an integrated application including a structured XML authoring environment, dynamic document assembly capabilities, and a real-time publishing engine that can render and preview documents on-demand in a variety of formats. When bundled with Courseware Runtime Services, a SCORM 2004 compliant eLearning application, clients can develop and manage blended learning materials, including web-based courseware and print-based instructor-led training. Organizations with significant employee, customer and partner training programs can dynamically assemble content based on user preferences, job requirements, competency gaps and career objectives, enabling just-in-time and competency-based training methodologies, and delivering to the learner.

Endeca to Provide the Guided Navigation for New IBM DB2 Search Software

Endeca announced a new exclusive partnership with IBM to bring the next-generation capabilities of Endeca’s Guided Navigation to IBM DB2 Information Integrator customers. According to the terms of the deal, IBM will offer Endeca’s software to customers seeking the ability to integrate search and navigation capabilities for improved usability and access to disparate enterprise content. The integrated solution will be offered as a key, premium component to IBM’s recently unveiled DB2 Information Integrator (DB2 II) OmniFind Edition, formerly code named Masala. IBM’s DB2 Information Integrator (DB2 II) OmniFind Edition, announced in late September 2004, provides enterprise search middleware for powering intranets, extranets, and corporate public web sites. Endeca’s Guided Navigation leverages characteristics of data to categorize results and present valid refinement and exploration options in the form of navigational links. This next-generation functionality can be used to organize and refine long lists of search results or can be used as a stand-alone querying mechanism to help users find relevant content with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Endeca is an IBM Advanced Business Partner and is a preferred provider for IBM’s WebSphere Commerce Group – Endeca is the Advanced Search and Guided Navigation option for WebSphere Commerce.

Liquid Machines Announces Liquid Machines Document Control Version 3.0

Liquid Machines announced Liquid Machines Document Control Version 3.0. Liquid Machines Document Control allows enterprises to centrally create and enforce document access and usage policies for any content within native applications including Microsoft Office, Visio, and Adobe Acrobat. Version 3.0 delivers scalability, performance, and usability enhancements that support large-scale deployments and make it easier for organizations to share confidential information across the extended enterprise. Liquid Machines Document Control 3.0’s enterprise features include support for Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Accelerators which provide users with increased access to data that is critical to maximizing business performance. Liquid Machines Document Control 3.0 automatically assigns corporate-defined usage policies to customized business intelligence reports created using Microsoft’s Excel Add-in for SQL Server Analysis Services.

SilkRoad Launches Eprise Docs to Power Document Management

SilkRoad Technology, Inc. announced the availability of Eprise Docs, a document management system fully integrated with Eprise 2004, SilkRoad’s content management system. Eprise Docs enables organizations to manage the flow of documents and information throughout the enterprise and to the Web. Eprise Docs exposes Eprise’s core library services, including check-in, check-out, version control, roll-back, meta-data management and workflow, through an extension to Windows Explorer that exposes a remote document tree along with a custom toolbar to activate functions. A full Web interface for adding, browsing, retrieving and sharing documents is available for remote access. Eprise Docs’ roles-based security system is fully integrated with Eprise 2004, enabling businesses to distribute permissions through recursive role delegation. Eprise supports its own native security and can also be integrated with user directories such as NTLM, ADS, and LDAP. Users can even use single sign on (SSO) through NTLM or third party SSO applications. Within Eprise Docs, users can apply rules for data added to folders. For example, a folder may be restricted to allow only image files. Further, when a document is dropped into a folder, events may be triggered. These events include prompting a user to enter meta-data, notifying users of the document or starting a workflow process. Eprise Docs enables both the consumption of Web services and exposes Eprise Docs functionality as callable Web services.

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