Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) announced the latest release of its Brava! Enterprise content visualization server, which extends content security as part of a unified visualization component to enterprise content management (ECM), portal and project data management (PDM) solutions. Brava Enterprise is designed to augment intranet and extranet deployments where content is to be securely accessed, shared and annotated in a collaborative workflow. It is thin-client software that can view, markup and print a variety of document, image and CAD drawings using Internet Explorer, providing enterprises with a unified visualization framework that minimizes the need to have each corporate application on every desktop. The new Brava Enterprise v5.1 creates and views IGC’s Content Sealed Format (CSF), which incorporates the Visual Rights security framework. Visual Rights gives authors selective and persistent security controls over their content. Markups can be “burned-in” to CSF files, and the Block-out feature (redaction) allows users to hide specific file content from view, text search and print. CSF files are viewable by all Brava products, including a free reader that can be distributed along with CSF files. Brava Enterprise v5.1 introduces a non-Java client, so customers now have a choice to use ActiveX or Java. Also released are the Brava Enterprise v5.1 integrations to content management solutions like Documentum and Open Text and to portal solutions like Microsoft SharePoint.