ObjectWeb, the international not-for-profit consortium dedicated to open-source infrastructure software, announced the extension of its roster of open-source projects with 3 Java middleware components for business integration: Byline content management system; eXo Platform enterprise portal; MOBE business process execution engine. With over 50 active open-source projects, ObjectWeb is federating the development of commercial grade middleware components and tools, including JOnAS – J2EE 1.4 application server; Bonita, Shark, JaWE – workflow utilities; JORAM – message-oriented middleware. The 3 new projects Byline, eXo Platform and MOBE complement ObjectWeb’s open-source middleware offering with software providing high level features for business integration. These projects were initially developed by ObjectWeb member companies in the framework of commercial offers and recently contributed to ObjectWeb code base. eXo Platform is an open-source enterprise portal solution built on the top of the Java Server Faces (JSF) web layer, and implements the portlet API (JSR 168). eXo Platform has been contributed to ObjectWeb by the new consortium member eXo Platform SARL. MOBE (MidOffice BPEL Engine) is a business process execution engine compliant with the OASIS standard BPEL (Business Process Execution Language). www.objectweb.org