Verity Inc. announced the availability of Verity Ultraseek release 5.3. This latest release incorporates: Page Expert to recognize patterns in HTML pages, so that the spider indexes only the relevant content, and skips over navigation, menus, advertisements and common template-generated text; Relevance Tuning and Editorial Control Options to fine-tune search results to match information structure of the documents and end-user needs; Multi-Spider to allow the spidering technology to make multiple simultaneous HTTP requests to a single host, enabling users to get access to new and updated content quickly; Weblog Update to ensure that new entries are searchable by accepting notification whenever new content is published to selected blogs; Enhanced Secure Search to ensure only those documents that a user is authorized to view will appear in the results lists; and Expanded Platform Support to include Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 and SUSE Linux 8.0.