codeMantra, LLC introduced the Universal PDF, a single file format accepted by many electronic distribution channels. The codeMantra Universal PDF file specification includes all of the following features to facilitate acceptance by electronic content distributors: Properly embedded fonts, Cropped registration marks and blank areas, Image and text disclaimers inserted, Bookmarked table of contents, Cover page cleaned up and inserted, Linked table of contents, Linked endnotes, Headings linked to table of contents, External URLs linked, and Reformatted and resized images. The Universal PDF solution from codeMantra allows publishers to have one fully-compliant file created for nine of the leading electronic book distributors, as well as several additional electronic content aggregators. Creation of this file from Print PDF, HTML, XML, QuarkXpress, Adobe PageMaker, FrameMaker, InDesign, Ventura, 3B2, Microsoft Word, and many others is a rapid process, with the majority of files completed within one week. Pricing for this product begins at $85, including file delivery. Additionally, since hardcopy and image-based input titles offer unique challenges in creating a text-based PDF output, codeMantra is simultaneously introducing the Universal Image PDF to ease the financial burdens of creating electronic content from these inputs.