Agile Software Corporation announced that it has expanded the scope of its relationship with Adobe Systems Incorporated. Under terms of the new agreement, the two companies will jointly develop solutions based on Agile PLM and the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform. In addition, Agile will resell the combined solutions. Through the combined offerings, companies managing their product record within Agile will have expanded enterprise-level functionality to address documentation, version-control, and form-based information management requirements across the extended supply network-including the most stringent FDA guidelines. Agile’s PLM solutions will utilize Adobe Acrobat, Designer, Form Server and Reader Extensions Server, to enable PDF creation from everyday document creation programs; allow users to collaborate on PDF documents with review and mark up tools; manage product record information with electronic forms; and sign-off on the final approved version. Organizations can now utilize Agile PLM solutions, PDF and the Adobe Reader to more easily transition paper-based processes to efficient electronic workflows.,