ClearForest Corp. announced release of its Quality Early Warning industry module as part of its product suite. In combination with ClearForest Analytics, the Quality Early Warning module facilitates resolution of warranty, product safety & quality issues through early discovery of component and system-level failures. By enabling organizations to systematically analyze unstructured text and enterprise data simultaneously, ClearForest facilitates unified business intelligence. Developed specifically for capital equipment, automotive & durable goods manufacturers, ClearForest’s Quality Early Warning solution provides industry-specific expertise necessary to detect, analyze & reduce warranty costs by uncovering root cause & effect. ClearForest solutions may be deployed as a stand-alone analytics application supporting specific queries, visual analytics and reports, or fully integrated within existing Business Intelligence systems such as those offered by Cognos or Business Objects. Examples of unstructured text sources include web-based survey data, news articles or research as well as other electronic formats such as emails, contracts, spreadsheets and warranty claims.