Phoenix Systems Integration announced the release of Phoenix Notes Connector – a solution that brings together the enterprise-class messaging, calendaring and scheduling capabilities of IBM’s Lotus Notes with the global and enterprise-wide content management solutions of Documentum. Phoenix Notes Connector Features / Functionality include: the ability to archive from Lotus Notes folders; document types available for archive are configurable; archived messages retain header, footer, formatting and color information; and e-mail and attachments can be stored in the same, or separate, Docbase locations. Users can: navigate to Docbase locations to save e-mail and/or attachments; version documents with newer attachments; “Send and Archive” with a single command; search using Documentum’s “Find” tool, including full-text search ability; navigate to Docbase locations to find e-mail and/or attachments; and attach multiple documents at a time. The connector is available for Documentum versions 5.0 and above and Lotus Notes versions 6.0 and above. Pricing is available upon request.