FeedStream Inc. announced the launch of FLUiD CMS 4.5, the latest version of their Web Content Management System (CMS). FLUiD CMS 4.5 is an XML-based CMS that simplifies creating and managing a professional Web site. Sites are developed using the FLUiD CMS 4.5 template so they are easy to navigate and optimized for search engine ranking. The word processor interface used within FLUiD CMS 4.5 is a Web-enhanced version of the OpenOffice.org Writer authoring component. Because it is based on Open Source standards it guarantees that your content will never be locked into proprietary formats. In addition, FLUiD CMS 4.5 uses XML publishing templates that separate content from site design. The software is available as a single author license, starting at $449 US. Multi-user packs are also available for larger authoring teams, at a discounted price. www.feedstream.com