Ipedo introduced the latest version of its XML Intelligence Platform, incorporating several product enhancements to facilitate delivery of on-demand intelligence. The Ipedo XML Intelligence Platform provides on-demand insights to help business make better and timelier decisions. Traders can use Ipedo to eliminate manual verification on trade contracts; CFOs can use Ipedo to drive daily summary information out to front line managers; Risk managers can gain comprehensive views of positions for risk reduction and compliance. The Ipedo XML Intelligence Platform 3.5 introduces: Visual XQuery Builder – a graphical, drag-and-drop interface that automatically creates complex queries and joins across multiple, disparate sources, allowing search and analysis on information; Visual XML Views Wizards – a set of point-and-click tools that create live, virtualized connections to relational databases and Web services sources; XML Rules – semantic inspection of XML documents and views that allows businesses to compare the contents of XML documents against business rules; and Vertical Accelerators – plug-in modules based on vertical XML standards that contain specific sets of pre-built XML templates, queries and rules. www.ipedo.com