Interwoven, Inc. announced OpenDeploy 6, a significantly enhanced code and content deployment product that plays a vital role within Interwoven’s integrated Enterprise Content Management Platform and Interwoven’s Web Change Management Solution. Interwoven OpenDeploy 6 Distribution Server software provides IT operations managers with an automated solution to streamline and secure all code and content deployment processes, while ensuring the accuracy and version management of sites and applications enterprise-wide. OpenDeploy delivers transactional, scheduled, source-agnostic aggregation and provisioning features to IT management. OpenDeploy aggregates assets developed within any code or content development system, and synchronizes deployments to any network touch point throughout testing, staging, and production environments. The Interwoven Web Change Management solution helps reduce the cost of managing complex Web-based application environments and provides customers with reporting, version control and rollback capabilities. Interwoven OpenDeploy 6 is available this month.