Documentum announced the availability of the EMC Content Archiving and Retrieval Solution (CARS) with Documentum to help customers meet evolving requirements of internally and externally mandated compliance initiatives. CARS with Documentum enables organizations to intelligently manage and store large volumes of content. Using CARS with Documentum, organizations can capture, manage, store, archive and ultimately dispose of all types of content, such as clinical trial information, loan applications, insurance claims, x-rays, purchase orders and hardcopy, document-based business records, while making it readily available, secure and re-usable. An EMC Solution, CARS with Documentum integrates the Documentum Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform with EMC networked storage platforms and services to address various storage requirements at different stages of the information lifecycle. With this solution, customers can ensure that only highly valued content that must be immediately accessible or frequently accessed is stored on high-performance storage, while archived content with limited and infrequent user access is moved to EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS) for long-term retention.,