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Day: June 6, 2004 (Page 1 of 2)

Dialog Adds XML Output, New Post-Processing Tools & Electronic Linking to DialogLink

Dialog said that it is now offering DialogLink 4.0, an upgraded version of its software package for information professionals. DialogLink 4.0 adds XML output, new post-processing tools and e-linking capabilities to create reports, distribute information across an enterprise and access electronically published scholarly articles. The new features enable users to better integrate information retrieved from the Dialog service into management reports and corporate intranets and portals. DialogLink 4.0 preserves the commands used in previous versions of DialogLink, but enhances them with greater functionality. With DialogLink 4.0 all content searched and retrieved on the Dialog service is now available in XML. New post-processing tools allow text and data found in retrieved documents culled from any Dialog database collection to be exported into business applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel. DialogLink 4.0 offers the ability to link to materials outside of the Dialog online system.

PureEdge Releases Quick Start for Government Solution

PureEdge Solutions Inc. introduced PureEdge Quick Start for Government. Quick Start for Government is a package of affordably priced PureEdge software and professional services that enables state, local and federal governments to quickly deploy PureXML e-forms solutions such as online grants applications.

Mediasurface & CIBER Partner

Mediasurface and CIBER have announced a partnership agreement. The partnership includes a joint market approach for the strategy, implementation and integration of content management, knowledge management and e-commerce solutions. The partnership is focused on expanding across the international marketplace. CIBER is striving to create a distinct profile as an international provider of enterprise content management solutions. Mediasurface and CIBER will be working together on both marketing and sales activities.,

Ipedo Ships New Version of XML Intelligence Platform

Ipedo introduced the latest version of its XML Intelligence Platform, incorporating several product enhancements to facilitate delivery of on-demand intelligence. The Ipedo XML Intelligence Platform provides on-demand insights to help business make better and timelier decisions. Traders can use Ipedo to eliminate manual verification on trade contracts; CFOs can use Ipedo to drive daily summary information out to front line managers; Risk managers can gain comprehensive views of positions for risk reduction and compliance. The Ipedo XML Intelligence Platform 3.5 introduces: Visual XQuery Builder – a graphical, drag-and-drop interface that automatically creates complex queries and joins across multiple, disparate sources, allowing search and analysis on information; Visual XML Views Wizards – a set of point-and-click tools that create live, virtualized connections to relational databases and Web services sources; XML Rules – semantic inspection of XML documents and views that allows businesses to compare the contents of XML documents against business rules; and Vertical Accelerators – plug-in modules based on vertical XML standards that contain specific sets of pre-built XML templates, queries and rules.

Interwoven Announces OpenDeploy 6

Interwoven, Inc. announced OpenDeploy 6, a significantly enhanced code and content deployment product that plays a vital role within Interwoven’s integrated Enterprise Content Management Platform and Interwoven’s Web Change Management Solution. Interwoven OpenDeploy 6 Distribution Server software provides IT operations managers with an automated solution to streamline and secure all code and content deployment processes, while ensuring the accuracy and version management of sites and applications enterprise-wide. OpenDeploy delivers transactional, scheduled, source-agnostic aggregation and provisioning features to IT management. OpenDeploy aggregates assets developed within any code or content development system, and synchronizes deployments to any network touch point throughout testing, staging, and production environments. The Interwoven Web Change Management solution helps reduce the cost of managing complex Web-based application environments and provides customers with reporting, version control and rollback capabilities. Interwoven OpenDeploy 6 is available this month.

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