SchemaLogic and Meta Integration Technology announced they have formed a technology alliance where SchemaLogic customers will be able to utilize over 50 additional adaptors to create a shared, cross-system, “active” metadata repository. Meta Integration Model Bridge connects to databases or information models from IBM, Oracle, Sybase, SAS, Business Objects, IBM Rational, Computer Associates, OMG and W3C. SchemaLogic provides a framework for shared metadata based on an active repository, a unified information model, collaborative change management with impact analysis, notification and approval, plus the synchronization of approved changes to subscribing systems using XML, SOAP and Web Services. This provides a holistic view of information assets including content, data and XML: who is responsible for each asset, how they’re organized (structure and semantics) and the relationships among them. Information architects, database analysts, content system managers and developers can see and control metadata definitions, taxonomies, hierarchical lists and vocabularies in one repository, available throughout the enterprise.,