Computer Associates International, Inc. and Zope Corporation announced plans to provide customers with open source content management solutions that are compatible with relational database technology and meet enterprise demands for performance, data persistence and manageability. These collaboratively developed solutions will combine Zope’s open source content management platform with CA’s Ingres Enterprise Relational Database (Ingres). Zope implementations are currently supported by the open source, flat-file database, ZODB. Software engineers from CA and Zope will build an open source RDBMS persistence module that takes advantage of APE (Adaptable Persistence Engine). As a result of this new module, Zope implementations will be supportable by Ingres. The new module could also facilitate support of Zope implementations by relational database management systems other than Ingres. CA is prepared to commit significant development resources to Zope technology.
CA and Zope Corporation are expected to announce availability of a Zope RDBMS persistence engine by the end of the year.,