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Day: May 9, 2004

Northern Light Unveils Version 2.0 of its Enterprise Search Engine for Linux

Northern Light announced that it has released a new version of its high performance enterprise search engine for Linux and Solaris. The new version includes: support for Linux, support for database indexes over 50 million documents, support for over 150 queries per second from a single software installation on a single server, Document Relevancy Booster for using editorially selected collections and specially weighted metadata to manage results list placement, and an integrated spell checker. “With Northern Light Enterprise Search Engine software at an entry level price of $2500, a $1000 computer, and a free operating system, an enterprise can process 14 million search queries a day.” Other features include a configurable crawler, content filters for HTML, XML, MS Office, PDF, a 17,000 node subject taxonomy encompassing all human knowledge, a classification engine trained to automatically classify arbitrary unstructured content to the taxonomy, a clustering engine for organizing results from queries on the fly into subject categories, and sample user interfaces in PHP and JSP. The Northern Light Enterprise Search Engine for Linux can be downloaded for a 30-day free trial.

Ovid Announces Service to Build, Host Custom Branded Portal Sites

Ovid Technologies announced the availability of its Portal Advantage Service to help societies and publishing partners, independent journal publishers, foundations, and corporations to build customizable portals. This content management service enables customers to make their published content available online as well as offer rich medical content and resources to support their users’ information research and collaboration needs. Ovid’s Portal Advantage Service includes full design, hosting and content selection from Ovid’s repository of bibliographic databases, journals and book content as well as third-party data resources (e.g. news feeds, CME, society content). In addition to specialized content, the service provides collaboration, customization, and community features. Ovid is offering three platform levels of the Portal Advantage Service. The levels include: Express, Professional, and Preferred solution packages.

Informative Graphics Releases Brava! Enterprise 5.0 for Documentum Webtop & Digital Asset Management Clients

Informative Graphics Corp. (IGC) announced the release of its Brava! Enterprise 5.0 view and markup software for Documentum Webtop and Digital Asset Management (DAM) clients, delivering viewing versatility for online access to documents, images and CAD engineering files. Brava 5.0 for Documentum creates and views IGC’s new “content sealed format” (CSF), which incorporates the Visual Rights security framework. Visual Rights gives authors selective and persistent security controls over their content. Markups can be burned-in to CSF files, and a new block-out function (redaction) allows users to hide specific file content from view and text searching. CSF files are viewable by both Brava Enterprise and the free Brava! Reader. Brava 5.0 for Documentum also supports occasionally connected or offline computing, permitting Documentum users to save selected files in CSF format to their local machine, and then disconnect from the Brava Server to work offline.

PureEdge Delivers XML E-forms for IBM Lotus Workplace 2.0

PureEdge Solutions Inc. announced that its secure XML e-forms are now available for integration with IBM Lotus Workplace 2.0 and IBM WebSphere Portal. PureEdge’s framework provides IBM users with the ability to integrate XML e-forms-based processes with back-end systems, and expands their on-demand capabilities by bringing a rich client to the forefront. Extended WebSphere Portal support is offered through PureEdge WebForm Server and the PureEdge Viewer, enabling XML-based forms with validation, formatting, layout and offline capabilities. PureEdge provides portlet support for zero footprint forms and for inter-portlet communication, using click-to-action data sharing functionality to leverage forms data to and from other portlets. PureEdge forms-based business process solutions are based on XML, Web Services and Java.

Tarari Releases RAX Content Processor

Tarari Inc. announced the immediate availability of its latest XML Silicon technology — the RAX Content Processor, which incorporates an in-silicon implementation of Random Access XML (RAX). RAX allows complex XML document analysis to be completed in “near-zero” CPU time and can process millions of XPaths per second. Random Access XML (RAX) enables network switch, server, blade, and appliance vendors to create new applications such as gigabit message classification and routing, high transaction rate publish and subscribe systems, advanced SOAP message processing, high performance XML security firewalls and real-time telecommunications billing solutions. Tarari is proposing that RAX be accepted as an industry-standard just as DOM and SAX have garnered many supporters within the W3C community. OEMs, ISVs and corporate developers interested in evaluating the Tarari RAX Content Processor should purchase the Tarari XML/Web Services Development Kit which consists of two Tarari RAX Content Processors on PCI cards, Random Access XML Agents (plus Encryption/Decryption Agents) and API documentation.

Captiva Signs Software Licensing Agreement with FileNet

Captiva Software Corp. announced it has signed a software licensing agreement with FileNet Corp. FileNet will use Captiva’s PixTools/Scan and PixTools/View products and bundle Captiva’s ISIS scanner drivers within its products. With PixTools’ Scan and View products and the bundling of ISIS, FileNet has the ability to support new scanners and evolving features such as support for color images, multiple data streams and distributed scanning. The ISIS technology also ensures support for a variety of industry scanners. PixTools/View toolkit is a full-featured API that provides all the necessary image viewing and printing functions including image display, rotation, scale, scale-to-gray and annotation. PixTools/Scan toolkit supports ISIS, driving peak performance from every scanning device and providing access to the full range of available scanner features.,

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