Informative Graphics Corp. (IGC) announced the release of its Brava! Enterprise 5.0 view and markup software for Documentum Webtop and Digital Asset Management (DAM) clients, delivering viewing versatility for online access to documents, images and CAD engineering files. Brava 5.0 for Documentum creates and views IGC’s new “content sealed format” (CSF), which incorporates the Visual Rights security framework. Visual Rights gives authors selective and persistent security controls over their content. Markups can be burned-in to CSF files, and a new block-out function (redaction) allows users to hide specific file content from view and text searching. CSF files are viewable by both Brava Enterprise and the free Brava! Reader. Brava 5.0 for Documentum also supports occasionally connected or offline computing, permitting Documentum users to save selected files in CSF format to their local machine, and then disconnect from the Brava Server to work offline.