Tarari Inc. announced the immediate availability of its latest XML Silicon technology — the RAX Content Processor, which incorporates an in-silicon implementation of Random Access XML (RAX). RAX allows complex XML document analysis to be completed in “near-zero” CPU time and can process millions of XPaths per second. Random Access XML (RAX) enables network switch, server, blade, and appliance vendors to create new applications such as gigabit message classification and routing, high transaction rate publish and subscribe systems, advanced SOAP message processing, high performance XML security firewalls and real-time telecommunications billing solutions. Tarari is proposing that RAX be accepted as an industry-standard just as DOM and SAX have garnered many supporters within the W3C community. OEMs, ISVs and corporate developers interested in evaluating the Tarari RAX Content Processor should purchase the Tarari XML/Web Services Development Kit which consists of two Tarari RAX Content Processors on PCI cards, Random Access XML Agents (plus Encryption/Decryption Agents) and API documentation. www.tarari.com/rax