Northern Light announced that it has released a new version of its high performance enterprise search engine for Linux and Solaris. The new version includes: support for Linux, support for database indexes over 50 million documents, support for over 150 queries per second from a single software installation on a single server, Document Relevancy Booster for using editorially selected collections and specially weighted metadata to manage results list placement, and an integrated spell checker. “With Northern Light Enterprise Search Engine software at an entry level price of $2500, a $1000 computer, and a free operating system, an enterprise can process 14 million search queries a day.” Other features include a configurable crawler, content filters for HTML, XML, MS Office, PDF, a 17,000 node subject taxonomy encompassing all human knowledge, a classification engine trained to automatically classify arbitrary unstructured content to the taxonomy, a clustering engine for organizing results from queries on the fly into subject categories, and sample user interfaces in PHP and JSP. The Northern Light Enterprise Search Engine for Linux can be downloaded for a 30-day free trial.